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This year in 2019 we will be Nomads in the truest sense of the word as we are officially “homeless”! We have packed up our astonishingly abundant belongings, a two months endeavour, and are letting our place to another family. All our furniture is in storage and we will live for at least a year in our not so shabby “trailer”/boat.

Firstly we will follow the sun by heading west to what we aptly call Western Australia. We will cross New South Wales and see a part of South Australia which will be totally new to us. Once we hit Perth we’ll travel north along the west coast up to Exmouth where mid- May we meet up with our daughter Lisa and family and, hopefully, also with some whale sharks.

Late May we’ll leave car and caravan in storage and fly via Perth to our boat in The Netherlands, where you can check up on our river and canal cruising via our usual blog www.robos.com.au.

We’ll be back on Australian soil and continue our tour through the Northwest of Australia in September.

Like always it is sad to leave our family and friends behind, but comforting to know that you occasionally look us up and travel with us at least in spirit! 

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