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Welcome to our new Website

Saturday 8 February 2020 6:57 PM

Welcome to our new website. Unfortunately, the  app we used to create our old blog has gone out of business, so Austin had to rewrite the site using a new web program. It at least gave Austin something to do during the European winter and at the same time, he was able to include some long overdue tweaks. We’ve now added a section containing general boating info which many of our boatie friends may find useful.

This year, we plan to leave Oz in early May to reunite with our boat “Freshwater” in it's winter mooring at Maastricht. From Maastricht our proposed route is to cruise along the Meuse into France, then across the country to the Rhine river, up the river Main, on to the Main-Donau Kanal and eventually down the Danube River into Austria. We’re hoping to eventually make it to Budapest if all goes well. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know anyone who has done this trip in a similar boat before, and everything is still quite up in the air. Suitable moorings along the route are few and far between and water levels and current on the Danube quite variable. We have emailed some marinas but, it being winter in Europe, none has so far responded to our requests for mooring information. Another concern is that due to the strong current of the Danube, we may need to put the boat on the back of a truck to eventually bring it back to the Rhine. None of the boat transport companies have replied to our emails either. 

So count with a bit of an adventure and that our plans might change! You can see our proposed route on the link on our home page called “This Years Itinerary”.

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