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Still in lock down till 2022

Saturday 10 April 2021 6:12 PM

Hi once again from Sydney Australia! 

We hope you are all well. Here down-under we have been pretty lucky during the pandemic, yet travelling overseas is still a long way off!

This time of forced standstill has given us a couple of bitter/sweet opportunities: a) to sell the Freshwater in the hope to eventually get another boat with less steps, and b) for Austin to get his worn out knees fixed! The woes of getting old!!! The Freshwater, has been our home away from home, and has been such a fantastic reliable boat. We’ll miss her dearly, but climbing the stairs to the flybridge has been getting more of a challenge for Austin each year. So we’ve decided to put her on the market. For anyone interested, here’s a link to our boat. [Freshwater for Sale]

If you get back onto the canals don’t feel too safe though! We will be back and will be looking for you to check on any outrageous boat-hopping and partying!


Susi and Austin


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