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And rest- we did! Still in Toul!

Saturday 18 June 2022 10:28 PM

As expected, the dreaded lurgy got to both of us. Lodi has now become a quarantine station with supplies of paracetamol, cough syrup and tissue boxes.

But we are so lucky to be where we are! 

Jan and Bill, who had invited us originally to dinner for that second night back from the UK, included us in their dinner party for six anyway! And while they had Bill T. and Jennifer over for a delicious chicken bake, Bill C. was the flying waiter delivering our meals plus specially made pavlova straight to our boat. The only thing missing was a white serviette over his arm, but we are working on him! 

We also had shopping done for us, homemade bread and a nut-fruit loaf put onto our deck in the morning.

We are getting plenty of fresh air, sitting on our deck and having the occasional chat from a fair distance as people are passing by. Two Aussie boats have come in since we are back, and it was nice hearing a “good day mate” again.

To get some exercise, we walk around the ramparts or along the canal early in the morning or late at night, as it is still light till 10 pm. Of course, we are all masked up, just in case we meet a lone wanderer. Not only the cathedral but also the walls of the ramparts, as we noted, have been cleaned up.

This morning, yearning for a fresh baguette, I had an epiphany! 

I remembered from past years in Toull, that a 20-minute walk away is a fresh baguette vending machine. I know, weird, you say! But they taste very good and the purchase is most importantly contactless. So, I guess these vending machines gained importance during the pandemic.

Well, we truly rested up this week and slept long hours, nana-napping about three times a day! Additionally, we are just riding through a heat wave. Today, at 7:30 pm the thermometer still read 38 degrees! 

Just letting you all know, we are feeling quite good again and are just waiting to take a test in another 2-3 days. We can’t wait to get close up and personal again with our boating friends. Hope you all stay well!

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