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Lights and Music at Metz

Monday 27 June 2022 12:53 AM

Neither the mixed weather nor that it was our third time dampened our excitement of being back in Metz. The harbour is ideally situated just below the old city with a view of the iconic Temple Noeuf.

We love this city with its cobblestone streets, medieval facades and amazing cathedral. And at the moment the town is virtually rocking. Light and sound shows are staged at the cathedral and other major sites and the water fountains behind the harbour have been transformed into an aquatic disco show rocking on until midnight. 

Yesterday we were drawn in by a huge congregation of security forces. We feared the worst! A terrorist attack? A major accident? As we approached, we realised that this was a joyous occasion. The local police, firefighters and paramedics were demonstrating their diverse skills and uniforms in a celebratory way. All are aimed at inspiring young people to take up a career in the security forces. 

We also attended a country fair - not quite a Royal Easter Show - but there were cute farm animals, tractor and carriage rides, products of the region and wholesome country food to taste. We tried a delicious curry made from barley, vegetables and chicken and bought some grainy rolls spiced with Turmeric. 

Unfortunately, festivities were interrupted by a few showers, so what to do, but hit the shops! There were a few essentials we still needed, like extra bed linen and towels in anticipation of future visitors.

When the rain abated we re-visited the House of Heads, the old Comedy Theatre, the Port d’Allemande and my special friend Marshal Ney whose confident stance impressed me already on our first visit. However, this display of triumph must have been before the battle of Waterloo where Ney mistook the removal of wounded soldiers as a full retreat by the British, and consequently charged forward. His charges were embarrassingly defeated.

In one of Metz's 15 churches, in Église Saint-Maximin, we discovered beautiful stained glass windows created by the French poet and multi-talented artist Jean Cocteau (1889-1963). 

Down below is the oldest building in Metz, a 5th-century Gallo-Roman Temple. 

Tomorrow we will head further down the Moselle towards Thionville.

Thionville was the place where we were checked by the water police a few years ago, so tonight we hurried to get our licences, boat insurance, registration and COVID papers ready, just in case! You will remember the not-so-shabby-looking official bordering the Freshwater and asking for your passport, Jane?! Or was it your phone number???

If you like, click on the short video we took of the musical fountain below:

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