Susi and Austin's

Travelling the Rivers and

Canals of Europe


Boating season 2023

Sunday 30 April 2023 12:53 AM

This is our 10th boating season on the rivers and canals of Europe and we still get excited when first spotting our boat. In this case we had to wait until the shipyard’s lunchtime was over to have it launched and tested, before we could embark.

There are always a few surprises, like: “forgot how dirty the boat gets over winter! (doh!!!)” “don't remember that we had this many bottles of wine left in the Bilge!”(Yippee) or “ the Waterpump seems to work but the batteries for the bow thruster are gone!” ($$$).

Yes, we are back like a bad rash with little boating problems, and as soon as the shipyard owner sees us, he jumps on his electric scooter and flees!

Our boat is in Schweich on the Mosel from where, in a couple of weeks, we will start this years cruising. As always, a few things have to be organised first. Luckily we have a hire car until Wednesday when we join a “Scenic” Danube Cruise from Nürenburg to Budapest -  as passengers for a change.