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Boating Season 2024 - The Netherlands

Wednesday 31 January 2024 2:50 PM

Our new boating route for this year is up on show and can be seen in the Itinerary link on our home page. As you can see, Austin is having us cruising along the very top of the Netherlands to capture places we missed out on during previous journeys. We first head north east and make a side trip back to Papenburg, Germany, to have solar panels installed. We then skim the north of Friesland in westwards direction. If the seas are calm, we’ll try to visit one of the islands in the so-called Wadden Sea before heading south towards Amsterdsam and the heart of Holland.

Unfortunately, we’ll have “only” four months on the “Lodi” this year. We’ll start off in May and fly back in September for the completion of a building project in Oz.
Like always, we are ready for an adventure! Wish us luck, and you are welcome to follow our escapades on the blog.

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