Had our first cooked English breakfast and were lured outside by blue skies and sunshine. We soon realised that Portsmouth comes only with a stiff breeze.

So back to beanies and wind jackets, we walked along the historic harbour of Portsmouth, in Admiral Horatio Nelson footsteps. We learned that also Captain Bligh from the bounty and Robert Falcon Scott, Antarctic explorer, took off from here. Even our Captain Cook made fast at Portsmouth after discovering Australia.

The main attraction of the town is of course the restored HMS Victory (Nelson’s ship) and “The Mary Rose” built by Charles II in honour of Mary Tudor, Henry VIII sister.

Already filled up with history and looking for Charles Dickens’ birthplace, we ran into a former schoolteacher/tourist guide at the Portsmouth Cathedral. He gave us a very thorough inside into the history of every corner of the cathedral including, statues of Thomas Beckett, Lancelot Andrewes and paintings of W. Lionel Wyllie.

Exhausted from wind, sunshine and this historic lecture, we made our way back to our car only to be chased down by our friendly volunteer guide to impart some more knowledge on to us ignorant Aussies.

Well, all I remember is that Peter Sellers was born here too.

Off to the “Duke Of Buckingham” for a glass of Red and a good night’s sleep!

© Austin Robinson 2019