"Murphy's Law"


Still in lovely Losne! The weather is sunny, but the river is still running fast, quicker even than Austin's cold affected nose.

Last night we walked for 4 km along the left bank and saw big chunks of logs and all sorts of debris rushing past.

This morning the water level is even higher. News about the canals is not good either with certain parts of the Canal de Bourgogne and others closed.


In the morning we went back to the Brico-market (hardware) to purchase missing wires, plugs, tools and glue - the Freshwater is still presenting a working project. The rest of the day was spent once again with the hatches dangerously gaping and the Portmaster and Austin trying to make sense of connections, pipes and switches. The result was that we found out a few further problems we need to take care of: replacement of the gas lines, possible replacement of gaskets in the water supply of the toilet and of course, what we knew already: fixing of the electric wiring.

Nevertheless, accompanied by a nice Englishman, Joe, we took the boat for a test run out of the port and into the rushing river. Making fast at the Marine Diesel station was quite adventurous under the circumstances, but we managed to fill up and get back ok.

On our return a new problem occurred: the battery charger had ceased working!


"Why are we waiting………?" - we asked ourselves at 4pm when we were promised a visit by the mechanic for the morning.


But then again, what a nice spot to be waiting in: sitting in the sunshine on deck with a good book ("The French Promise"), after a nice warm shower in the port's washrooms. 

In the meantime Austin ran a cable directly to the charger, which, of course means again tip-toeing around the open hull with furniture stacked around it. What we want to avoid,is, that our new expensive batteries are being drained.

It's now 5.30pm and we have given up hope to see a technician or electrician today. Austin thinks he has worked out why the charger isn't working, but without parts he can not fix it.

The problem is also that tomorrow is Jour de Libératione and the day after, is Christ's Ascention - 2 public holidays!

That calls for a few drinks tonight and a few prayers tomorrow and the day after.

© Austin Robinson 2019