The French Way


Today, after a few phone calls the marine's électricien came. His name was Diego due to his spanish mother, but this didn't help us explaining the problem as our Spanish is even worse than our French (if this is possible at all). But it turned out that Austin's diagnosis of the relay switch being faulty was spot on, and Diego temporary fixed it with the plan to have a permanent repair of the whole system in a week or so. Nothing much is happening here for a few days anyway. The French have more or less an extended holiday. Good on them - we are doing the same.

Austin is finally learning the French way too, maybe too thoroughly though! We were invited from Peter, Pam, Ray & Tina for drinks on Peter's beautiful big boat at 4pm. We all had a great time solving the problems of the world. Austin hardly noticed that he went from his usual cider to white wine, followed by at least a bottle of Pays d'Oc rosé - I couldn't believe my eyes - Austin and wine just doesn't go together. Well, we'll see how he feels tomorrow.

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