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For all those following our blog, this year we have struck a bit of a snag, as Austin had to have shoulder reconstruction surgery after falling off his motorbike. Although the surgery went fine, the surgeon recommended we not cruise with the boat this year as this type of surgery can take up to 12 months to heal. Holding the ropes for our 14,000kg boat, in some turbulent lock can play havoc with the repair. 

So this year we’re going to take the caravan and do a loop up to Cape York, at Australia’s northern tip and down through the red centre. We should be starting this trip in around July 2017, and Susi has promised to do a blog of this trip instead.

For all those who are interested in our trip around Australia you can see trip at:

Trailer Trash - Susi & Austin’s trip around Oz - Map

Trailer Trash - Susi & Austin’s trip around Oz - Blog

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