Trapped in Le Train


This morning we got ready to get to the train station and say a sad good-bye to our friend Jane who is returning to Paris to continue her travels. After a few hugs on the platform Austin, being all gentleman, helped Jane settle with her bags into the compartment. I followed to make Austin hurry as I know that the trains don't stop for long at european train stations.

Unfortunately, when we reached the carriage door, it was already locked. Although the train was still stationary for good 3 minutes,the quite abrupt conductor wouldn't open it for us. He explained that we shouldn't have entered the train without a ticket, and wouldn't listen to explanations of English curtesy or English cursing as it were. Instead he charged us 30euro each for the single fare back to Paris which included a 10euro fine for having entered the train without a ticket.

Well, with a "c'est la vie!" attitude- after all it was only a 1 hour train trip- we settled down and had a few jokes with Jane and a charming French couple about fate destining us to revisit Paris. It was especially funny because only minutes before entering the train, I had said: "we could go with you Jane and spend the afternoon together in Paris".

Luckily we had locked the boat, and after enjoying Jane's company a little longer having lunch together in Paris, we took the next train back to Montargis.



On our return the city was buzzing with people and music in preparation of tonights start of Bastille Day celebrations.

After a rest, we headed back into the centre attracted by marching band music and bangs from fire crackers.

The city was teeming with people enjoying an al fresco dinner, ice-creams or crêpes while waiting for the festivities to begin


It was worth the wait when at 11pm the sky erupted into the most beautiful fire works underlined by popular classical music pieces like  "march of the toreadors" from Carmen, "La donna è mobile" etc. A great atmosphere and so much bigger than we expected, the fireworks lasted good 20 minutes.

Returning to the marina we walked past Dieter and Margrit's boat who had arrived on the previous day. We were invited to a glass of red on their boat "Apéro" and chatted until almost 1.30am.


© Austin Robinson 2019