Dijon - On the Owl's Trail

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This time in Dijon the weather was a little kinder to us. We retraced some of our steps and completed the trail around the sights of the city, marked by metal plates featuring an owl (just like the trail of the perching cat in Dôle).

 Like in so many places in France it is like tripping over history and finding beautiful old facades, windows, charming places with cafés and restaurants and - of course- churches at every corner. It is hard to pick a favourite: the romanesque 12th century Saint-Philibert, the gothic Saint Bégnine, the Saint Jean church, which has been converted into a theatre, or Notre Dame with it's remarkable facade and rows of gargoyles. 


The owl originates from a hardly recognisable well worn carving in a the outside wall of Notre Dame not only eroded by weather but also by the hands of passers-by rubbing it's tummy for good luck.

Dijon has it's own 18th century arc de triomphe, named "Porte Guillaume" after the reformer of Saint Beénigne Benedictine Abbey. The place de Libération with it's semicircular arranged buildings reminds a little of Bath in the UK.

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As I'm started to look like bit of an old owl myself, I booked myself into a hairdresser. But after last year's experience in St. Jean I couldn't talk Austin into a hair trim.


On day two we cycled into the city and dropped the bikes off for a service, then went by tram to a big Centre Commercial to further equip our little household. I was thinking of towels and cups etc. but Austin came away with a printer!

After picking up our newly serviced bikes, we cycled along the canal and the river Ouche to  Lake "Kir". 


Cheese stand in the covered markets "Les Halles"

Being pretty cold and tired on our return, we had a good excuse to have a couple of gin tonics - our newest vice we are blaming Jill and Frank for! But Austin was somewhat appeased, Jill,  as I hadn't found a suitable slow-cooker in the shopping centre.


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