From Baume-les Dames onwards the river is tricky to navigate. There are very shallow spots and sandbanks along the way, so it is imperative to follow the signs and warnings. 


The first reasonable place to moor was I’Isle/s-le Doubs. The mooring is managed by a very welcoming German gentleman, Mr. Schmidt. Originally a Dr. of Physics he also does some mechanical and electrical repairs for boats with problems. His Swiss wife runs the B & B “Maison au Canal”. According to Austin, who disappeared for 3 hours last night, Mr. Schmidt serves a mean German beer. I was hailed later by Mr. Schmidt waving his arms to join Austin and a group of bike riders from Düsseldorf having a great time in the courtyard of the “Maison”.


On the way to Montbéliard we made one more stop at Dampierre, a lovely and quiet stop without any shops or other distractions.


However we found two new curiosities there: 

a “Canisite” for obvious use 

and “Le-distrib-pain”. One is  filled by the local dogs, the other each morning by the local baker. We couldn’t help ourselves trying it out the next morning -the ledistribpain, not the canisite!

 The baguette was fresh and delicious!

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