Yesterday it was really cool and rainy. We fell asleep last night as soon as our heads hit the pillows. It was not all the hard work in the locks - the calvados and shandy in the local bar must have helped too. 


My brother, Thomas had warned us of the "Eisheiligen" (the "Ice-Saints") which hit Europe with a cold weather front around this time of the year. This is said to end with the day of the Saint Sophia on May 15th. Well, Sophia must have come early to France, because today we had perfect blue sky and sunshine.

After a very late breakfast and a bit of shopping, we had lunch on deck of the boat and sunbathed at the marina, feeding a duck family with 3 little ducklings with left over baguette. Austin jumped to the aid of an American couple who struggled to berth their barge in the current of the Doubs River.

We spent the afternoon re-tracing our steps from last year around the 16th/17th mansions, Basilika, Hôtel Dieu, Lycée, and the old canal & tannery area which Louis Pasteur called home.


Still sunny and warm now at 8pm - just had dinner outside - we will head to the nearby café now to post the blog.

This is the view from Café Charles.

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