The Pouilly Tunnel - Claustrophobia!



The Canal de Bourgogne is not the most travelled canal, and part of the reason might be that boats have to squeeze through a 3.33km Tunnel at Pouilly! The other reason is probably the number of locks one has to climb and descend. But no challenge is too difficult for Captain Nemo and his shipmate!


Well, I didn't feel as confident this morning, like I feel now after a couple of Gin-Tonic and Rosés!

The 8 locks working up to the tunnel seemed to dwindle far too quickly, and before we knew it, we transversed the last lock of the climb.

IMG 0948

It didn't help our nerves when the lock keeper insisted that we wear our life vests while travelling the tunnel. He gave us 5 minutes to take our windows down, so our boat could fit through the barely 3m high curved tunnel, and to set up our spot-lights.

These were the longest 3 km we ever travelled! 45 minutes of dodging the closing-in walls and the curved roof of the tunnel in partial darkness due to failing lights on the tunnel roof. 

But we made it, and now after a good meal and a few drinks, having enjoyed a beautiful summers day, we feel on top of the world!  

© Austin Robinson 2019