Pont d'Ouche - The 3 "P"s


The lock keepers on the Canal de Bourgogne are itinerant, that means they follow the boats for 3-5 locks on a scooter, quite different from the Canal de Midi where they were stationary and lived in the actual Lock-house.

There are also some young students who learn the ropes from experienced keepers for the next school/uni- holidays.


On the last lock of the day, we have to let the lock keeper know when we want to resume your trip, and hope that he understands our "Frenglish". 


Yesterday, being a Sunday, Austin bought some fresh bread at the local bakery and we started of late after a long breakfast and a walk through the village. "Pretty flowers"  were everywhere! Irises, Poppies and Pansies getting a big "P" from me.

We planned a leisurely cruise through just 5 locks to Pont d'Ouche which has a little port with water, electricity and a mini shop, run by a very strict English Lady. After the very brisk reception we got I was too worried to ask for the use of the washer, so Austin had to come with me. 


So there is the second "P" = Pont d'Ouche. From then it went slightly downhill.

The third "P" stands for - what else but "Poo"! Our boat toilet was block. We learned from our wise English neighbour, Angus, that the toilet problems feature as point 1, 2 and 3 in every boaties lexicon!  I saw myself already hanging over the boats railing for my nightly "release", after the not too accommodating English lady told me that she locks up the port toilets from 7pm - 9am. 

Luckily, Austin decided to give plumbing a go, after I claimed ignorance. He successfully undertook a very dirty job. No more padded toilet paper from here on! I don't think I will get Austin to do this job again!


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