Koblenz, where the Rhein meets the Mosel

After a sunny day cruising the picturesque Middle Rhein we arrived at Koblenz and moored in the Rheinlache Marina.

It was like a milestone having mastered the Rhein without mayor incident. Definitely worth a G & T! 


The Rheinlache marina is situated at the South end of the beautifully landscaped Rhein promenade, a gift of the Kaiserin Augusta who is looking onto the riverbank from the forecourt of the “Kurfürstliche Schloß”, the Electoral Prince's Castle. The town of Koblenz lies in the crook of the elbow formed by the Rhein and the Mosel flowing together. The name “Coblence"  given by the Romans means just this, “Confluence” (flowing together). The meeting of the two rivers is also called “ Deutsches Eck” (German Corner). A massive monument of Kaiser Wilhelm towers over the corner. Like 87% of the city it was destroyed by bombs at the end of the war, then rebuilt in the 1960s thanks to donations of affluent citizens. 


Jane, Austin and I had a great time strolling through the centre, discovering some nice places with some strange fountains. One of them being the “Schlängel” ( the Rascal), who spits water at passers-by (usually unaware tourists) in regular intervals. There are of course those who dare him to.

See video at the bottom of this post: 


Generally we gave the city and its great location a thumbs up!


One of the highlights was the cable car ride across the Rhein to the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein (sorry, we Germans love long words). Built by the Prussians who must have loved thick, l o n g walls -and l o n g words, this fortress was one of the largest of Europe. For 3000 years the rocky outcrop it stands on was used as a refuge, and a multimedia display in the Flag tower recreates this historic past.


On our last day, before we had to say good-bye to Jane, the sky was opening up and it didn’t just rain - it poured!

Austin just had to check the Pegel-Clock, an old floodwater measure for the Rhein! Jane and I could have told him that it had risen, as water was filling up our shoes to the brim. Luckily we got an ouzo and warm food beforehand in a great restaurant called “Syrtaki"! After a day traipsing through the rain, we managed somehow to hang our wet clothes throughout the cabin and to arrange shoes and socks in front the boats heating vents.

Hope you didn’t catch a cold, Jane! Safe travels!

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By the way, something of Germany must have rubbed off on Jane: 

She says long words like “Flammenkuchen” and her dress sense has changed too! Will this be the new look for summer 2014 in Neutral Bay? 

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