When it rains it pours!


I was way too optimistic when I wrote the last entry.

That same night of the 14. to 15. May a huge storm hit us. The creaking of the boat, straining of the ropes and things being blown around on deck kept waking me. And then came the rain.

IMG 0924

Today, after two days getting soaked on deck and having teeth shatter from the cold, while we made our way back to St. Jean - guess what: Austin fixed The HEATER!!! And today the sun is shining once more - might not be for long - but we haven't needed to put it on!

Here is what we learned so far:

  • Don't expect to arrive and start cruising 2 days later (like naive me) 
  • Don't rely on the European weather
  • Don't rely on boat mechanics
  • Take plenty of warm clothes and rain gear
  • The French people are very helpful and don't laugh about your wrong French
  • Don't buy nylon ropes, they don't wind up properly
  • The cheaper supermarché wine, at just 2.95 Euro a bottle is very drinkable - just fill it into a fancy bottle (thanks for that, Peter)

Anyhow, today the world looks a lot brighter in the sunshine, but I won't put my umbrella away yet. We are back here in St. Jean, which feels almost like home now, and hoping to get our electrics fixed in a few days.



Today we had just enough of a sunny break to put the lettering for the "Freshwater" on our boat.

It was almost like a Christening. See the proud father:

We will toast it with a glass of cider tonight.

And another reason to celebrate: Austin spend most of the day fixing the kitchen sink (the chain which tied me to it came loose - only joking!).

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