To the top of the Saar Canal

Is this a mirage? An Ocean Liner in the Canal.

The last part of the “Canal de la Sarre” is as scenic as the beginning and we saw lots of nice places to stay at. As we moved towards the peak, the villages were getting smaller and the region more rural.

Still, there is always something to spot around the corner. Like the “Majesty of the Sea”, a 20m boat being made to look like an ocean liner.

Walking around Sarralbe we discovered several stork nests on roof tops. 

Another good mooring is in Mittersheim with all services available except of Wifi. In the one and a half days we were there the harbourmaster never came around to collect money. Close by is the first of several big ponds, “Etangs”, or lakes feeding the upper part of the canal. They are free for swimming, sailing and other non- motorised water sports.

In some parts the canal runs along those lakes only divided by a small bank. 

From Mittersheim we had a very easy cruise up a set of so called “steps”, several locks following in very close proximity. We further perfected the “in-tie up-out” routine, and were almost sad when the quick sequence of locks ended.

And then we turned to port into the Marne Rhine Canal. We needed a break and so we tied up at the next little village's free mooring in front of a hire boat full of German youth. Just 200 metres from the bank we found a restaurant on the “beach” of one of the lakes mentioned above, and after having some sustenance we joined the young German group in watching the soccer - Germany: Slovakia - 3:0.

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