The last one was a doozy




We left Fragnes during a morning drizzle and approached the last lock of the Canal du Centre, glad we were descending! It must be quite daunting entering this 11m high lock from the other side. Nevertheless, we watched in awe as the water receded and more and more wall was revealed. Finally, the lock gate which hangs on thick metal chains creaked up like an oversized garage door.


And then we were cruising up the Saône. This time around,  the river was very tame. There were no floating tree trunks like we experienced earlier this year. A touch of autumn has started to yellow a few leaves and the sunflowers droop heavily.

The weather brightened a little and we made it effortless to Seurre.

The rain returned just as we were strolling through the town and we got drenched. Back on the boat the deluge suddenly stopped and revealed a gorgeous sunset.



Our daughter, Lisa's Birthday today! Happy Birthday Beautiful!

The weather is fittingly bright and sunny, so the residual 15 km to St. Jean de Losne was a leisurely cruise. Entering the H2O port, where we had spent a few weeks at the beginning of summer, felt like a home coming. 

We ended up on the B pontoon where we were welcomed by our NZ travel companions, Aileen and Grahame and Graham and Marie. Next to us is another NZ boat. We feel a little outnumbered and had to watch our lingo asking for fish in the local shop! 

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