Still in St. Jean!

We must be the eternal optimists thinking we would be half way to Strasbourg by now!

Another little hick-ups has occurred. Austin noticed that the "rudder position sensor" is not working (it's the thinga-me-bob which tells you if you are heading straight out of a lock or- straight for the wall).

The very next day a mechanic crawled under our upturned bed and removed the sensor (hope it wasn’t sensing anything else under there!). The bad news is that the sensor seems no longer available and therefore the whole unit might need to be replaced.


In the meantime the weather had turned quite cold and nasty with biting winds and pelting rain, interspersed by teasingly short sunbursts. 

What to do but to enjoy some good lunches, bicycle rides along the Saône and visiting the local book-swap.

On one of our bike rides we witnessed a great big carp being caught. To tell the truth, my eye was more on the rather attractive fisherman, who proudly posed for a photo with his 9kg catch.


Our stay in the marina has been sweetened by spending time with the ever so helpful and sociable Jan and Bill. Great chats and so much fun! 

With the arrival of Pam and Angus at St. Jean the weather became warm and sunny. They brought us our purchases from Grimsby plus more while their boat is still hovering on stilts in the neighbouring boat yard. Not deterred by this, Pam and Angus are readying their boat for cruising and still making time for one of those long lunches at L' ECU.

Yesterday we were all wined and dined once again by Jan and Bill and had a wonderful night, starting with drinks on deck and followed by one of Jan’s gourmet 4 course dinners. Yum!!!

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