Three nights in Paris

On a beautiful summer’s day we turned into the Seine towards the Arsenal in Paris. Like in 2013 we loved the approach through the old Pont de Bercy and the first view of the Isle de Cité and Nôtre Dame.

The Arsenal yacht harbour had plenty of free boat places and we got prime position near the capitainierie.

Unfortunately, we restricted ourselves to 2 days, as we are running out off time to make our way to a shipyard in Holland on time.

We tried to make the best out of it by giving Marcia and Peter the chance to see the Latin Quarter and Nôtre Dame. The cathedral again took our breath away, especially as it was full of worshippers during the Assumption of Mary service on this christian holiday. Paris hasn’t lost any of it’s charm for me even though the presence of heavily armed military and police is to be found around most sites and public places.

In the afternoon we left Austin’s sister and husband to rest up, and Austin and I made our way to the Panthéon. Such an imposing landmark from outside, it is even more awe inspiring from inside. Huge sculptures and wall to wall oil paintings impress in the main hall, including the ornate cupola way above. 

We were lucky to arrive just in time for a Panorama Tour. Wow! This must be the best view over greater Paris! I would choose it any time over the distant view and long queueing at the Eiffel Tower. We virtually had to tear ourselves away from the beautiful views, then had a closer look at the memorials and monuments and the mausoleum in the crypt. Here not only the heroes of war but also the great men contributing to France’s society with literature, Art and Science are commemorated. The tombs of Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, Rousseau, Dumas and Madame Curie are placed in some of the many vaulted chambers of the crypt.

We followed on idling through the Luxembourg Garden where hundreds of Parisians were lounging on the lawns and park chairs or watching the children race little sailboats in the pond.

On day two we had some collateral damage (Marcia and Peter had sore legs from us chasing them up and down Metro steps and city streets the day before, and Austin a sore tooth). I took Austin to a dental emergency clinic across town. He was the only patient at the time and was immediately attended to. Less then 20 minutes later, x-rayed and with prescriptions for antibiotics and painkillers in hand we walked back to the Freshwater for a lunch of Quiche and salad.

There are some chores to do this afternoon, and then we are off to start our trip towards Belgium and Holland tomorrow.

© Austin Robinson 2019