Au revoir



Almost a week has past since our arrival. Unbelievable!

The days pass quickly with multiple little clean-up and repair jobs and talking to various boat mechanics to organise work to be done for next year.

This all sounds a little anticlimactic, but I have to say that we had some good times catching up with people as they return one by one to St. Jean. 

We also met Jan and Bill from "La Bonne Vie", a lovely couple from the UK, who also know how to put up with Austin's warped sense of humour.

Yesterday was Austin's Birthday and the "Happy Birthday" messages beeped in from midnight to the early morning hours. 

Lucky for the birthday boy, the weather was very wet, and so he got out of working on the boat.

Together with Jan and Bill we had a 4 course lunch at L'Ecu talking about the sins of our youths. As you might gather, it was quite a long lunch!

Later we all went for 6 o'clock drinks to Annie and Barry's boat "Malaga". We met yet another NZ couple there and found it very brave of Annie to have us all on board before flying out the next morning. It was a happy ending to the day. 

Oh, yes - and of course we had to have a little bit of cake on our return.

Tomorrow is the final cleaning and packing day. Very kindly Jan and Bill, not only invited us for dinner on their boat tomorrow, but also offered to drive us to the train station early in the morning. What wonderful people!

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