Paray re-visited

19/8/2013 - 21/8/2013

Still in Digoin, Austin cycled to the shops to get a toothbrush and got trapped twice: first at the hardware - I don't know why he thought they sell toothbrushes (haha). I guess he misses his Bunnings! (no payment has been received for this ad, but would be welcome). Then he got trapped at the supermarket when the bike lock was jammed. He was forced to buy a 3 euro hacksaw and amazed how easy it cut through the thickest chain we could buy.


Being thus detained we only left Digoin after lunch, sadly now reduced to a crew of two.

The Canal du Centre, which we have entered now, winds here through dense forest. Once again there are many cyclist using the smooth, tarred tow way extending right up to Paray le Monial.

We stopped here last year on our way to Briennon marina and remembered the lovely pilgrims town well.


Arriving at the the mooring place, we were surprised to see a tent city erected in the adjoining park.

We learned that a big pilgrim's meeting was taking place. The town was very lively with many nationalities and people of all ages visiting the many religious and historic places, the chapel of the monastery of Visitation being at the centre of all.


Here Marguerite-Marie Alacoque saw the apparition of the heart of Jesus in the late 17th century and since then many pilgrims have stopped here on their way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Whether day or night, you can't help but go "ah!" when passing the beautiful Basilica.


Cycling along the canal and through town we found new bike locks, a laundromat and another hardware, so we busied ourselves on the second day fixing little things on the boat, cleaning the outside thoroughly and doing our laundry.

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