Montbouy and Châtillon


We leisurely set off from Montargis at 9.30am. Passed through some very high locks of 5.10m and 4.90m.


The landscape along the canal is beautiful; rich green forests, sun-drenched cornfields and sizeable stone farmhouses line the clean, calm canal with its old iron bridges.


Following a small French boat whose teenage boy enjoyed helping the lock keepers, we tied up together near the village of Montcresson at lunchtime. Temperatures had heated up again to 30 degrees and so we took a nice Oma-and-Opa-nap.

After all, we have to preserve our strength so we can still pick up our grandson, Jaxon, who apparently weighs close to 8kg now.


We woke up 2 hours later being rocked gently by a passing hotel barge. Taking a walk along the right bank we discovered an old washhouse and the beautiful garden of Angelus Ridet in the remaining grounds of Fountainjean's abbey.

Thus having limbered up we cruised past Montbouy to Châtillon-Coligny, a medieval town and a nice port with free mooring, electricity and water.



Expecting 29 degree plus temps we set off straight after breakfast to cycle along the tow way to the previous lock. I could hardly tear Austin away from assisting the young, rather pretty lock girl opening and closing the gates and sluices. (Someone was watching from behind the hedge). It was a very sweaty job, so I was in my element when we stumbled onto yet another old washhouse in the village of Montbouy.


We also found what was left from the original lock. In this area all the ancient locks and drawbridges have been replaced in the late 19th century.


Cycling back under the shady trees, past grazing horses and mules and cascading spillways, we reached Châtillon by lunchtime and decided to eat at the "Café du Centre". The lunch "Formule" included entrée, mains, dessert and a quarter of wine, all for 12 Euro.

Austin, being daring, chose "museau", which according to our phone's Collins means: muzzle/snout. Only when looked closer we found that it also means "brawn". It was served with salad and quite delicious.

Having missed out on a French kiss in spite of his efforts at the lock, his choice for mains was tongue which came with a beautiful tomato sauce and veggies.

Back at the Freshwater we had to have another snooze, followed by  a nice long shower,coffee and crosswords.



© Austin Robinson 2019