Keeping ourselves amused



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The weather is not a subject we discuss anymore! The last time we looked at temperatures in Oz it made us cry.

So to warm our bodies, minds and spirits we undertake a few fun activities. Apart from doing the daily SMH crosswords and getting annoyed with DA ("Don't Attempt") on Fridays, we have moved the boat to different spots in the port to optimise internet connection. Austin's backwards "parking" is getting very professional. 

We indulged in some beautiful French food at the Café Nationale, a small Bar/ Café frequented by locals. Austin had coquillettes Saint-Jacques(scallops) au gratin, followed by calamari with chips and salad. I chose Terrine de Champagne as entrée and Rabbit in mustard sauce for mains. We both topped it off with a pistachio crème brulée, miam-miam!  

Yesterday we took a bus trip to Dijon. What a beautiful city - even in the rain! Because we were on a mission to finally get our French Sim card, we had only a glimpse of the church "Notre Dame" and romantic inner city lanes. Hopefully we will return to Dijon by boat via the Canal de Bourgogne in a few days time.

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After getting the best phone/internet deal with SFR, we had to reward ourselves with great coffee and cake at the very lively Café O'Bareuzai. The café was decorated with a chandelier-like structure made entirely from recycled lightbulbs. 

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