Pouilly en Auxois to Pouillenay



After climbing close to 60 locks which, as you may remember, means squeezing the boat into narrow locks, throwing ropes 3 meters overhead onto bollards and fighting the rushing waters, and having passed the Pouilly tunnel, the highest point of the canal, we took a well deserved rest in Pouilly-en-Auxois. It would have been very restful too, if we didn't have to keep up with our travel mates and new friends, Angus and Pamela. Both a few years our seniors (won't give away how many, Pam!), they have a very youthful attitude and stamina. So it was drinks on their boat one night and on the next one, drinks on the Freshwater. We had two lovely nights and at the end of it, made it off each other's boats without any major incidents.

So yesterday, going "downhill" in the locks, flinging the ropes with an arrogant flick over level bollards, it was all smooth sailing to Pont Royal, and today we felt cocky enough to continue our descend -lock after lock after lock- (31 all together!) to the village of Pouillenay.


Again we enjoyed lovely boating weather of about 27 degrees, partly cloudy - a little warmer in the afternoon, but almost refreshing after 36 degrees yesterday. Beautiful flowers were bordering the canal beds, birds twittering, lambs bleeking, children on ponies and a very unusual "Duck" (that's what we call the old wobbly Citroens in Germany).

Inspired by the scenery and weather, Austin and I broke out into songs like "o sole mio",  "row, row, row the boat" and, Mutti, even "Heidewitska Herr Kapitän, auf'm Mone'mer Bötchen fahren wir so geeen!"(don't try to translate this)


Nearly forgot! All the boaties we have met so far were culinary experts and equipped with fancy kitchen-ware like slow cookers, halogen cookers and electric barbecues. Yesterday we benefitted from Angus' expertise, who made a delicious bread and butter pudding especially for Austin. Of course I had to have some too, yumm!!

Am still looking for a slow cooker suitable for the low voltage on the boat or a live-in chef. Nina? Jane? Virginia?

© Austin Robinson 2019