It was an easy trip passing the junction of Seine and Marne and under the many bridges of the South end of Paris to the entrance lock of the canal Saint Martin where port Arsenal is located. The gilt figure of liberté towers in the background from the column of the place de la Bastille.


After checking in at the capitainière we walked along the Seine and crossed over to the Ile de la cité. A huge crowd was queueing in front of Nôtre Dame. The cathedral's amazing, decorated portal never fails to take one's breath away. Too hot to join the queue we headed instead for the ice cream shop, had a ball of rhubarb ice-cream and carried on through the Latin Quarter to find our quaint hotel from 1999 "Les Argonauts" again. Austin had recommended it to a group of New Zealanders at the port with the words "You won't believe it is a hotel when you stand in front of it!" meaning the narrow entrance and unconventional foyer we remembered from 14 years ago. We had no problems finding its location again, but didn't recognise the facade and when we looked closer we read "Latin Corner - sexy Bar & Nightclub" and saw colourful bras dangling from the ceiling like a chandelier. - I don't know if we should warn the Kiwis!?


After a shock like that we needed to sit down for a coffee. Opposite the café in midst of cobblestone streets with cafés, restaurants and crèperies we visited the lovely small church of Saint Séverin. We were lucky to catch a concert from a choir from Kentucky, USA. Wonderful voices and harmonies!

Walking the long way back we passed the 14th century Hôtel de Ville. Patches of grass and gardens in between pavers and placards with town planning projects graced the front of this massive building. Some people were resting or sun baking in affixed beach chairs while the traffic hummed around them.




Spend the morning today buying more rope for the boat and shopping for other supplies. Stumbled across the Gare de Lyon with the old clock tower surrounded by super modern office buildings. Re-met a few more boaties at the Arsenal. Took a long walk down the left bank to buy some boat carpet for the flybridge, but had no luck. Instead we discovered the "Kingstreet Wharf" of Paris, lots of bars and cafés along the river bank frequented by young people and office workers.

Had a belated "Safe arrival and sore feet drink" on Angus' boat.

Looking forward to pick our friend Jane up from the Gare du Nord tomorrow morning!

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