The Atlas Mountains - The Sahara - Todra Gorge - M’goun Valley

After Fes we travelled through the “real” Morocco, away from the cities and deep into the countries ever-changing landscapes.

The high Atlas on one side, the desert on the other, Berber villages where we experienced great hospitality, fantastic gorges, farmland, camels, goats and monkeys etc.

(One of the accommodations we stayed in practically in the middle of nowhere.)

And then we had a 1 hour 40 minute camel ride into the Sahara desert watching the sun slowly set until we arrived at the camp. We had a beautiful dinner under the stars with Berber singing and drums and slept soundly on comfy mattresses in our tents. The next morning starting off before sunrise we returned via camel. We now felt like experienced nomads and our bodies adapted to the rocking "ships of the desert" much more relaxed than on the previous day. A little offputting was however that Laureens camel behind me had bad indigestion and whenever I turned my head it belched out a gush of very bad breath.

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