C’est la vie!

For anyone under the illusion that boating life is predictable - think again!

Lucy and Max returned sun tanned from Mykonos and with their boat now in the water, they were ready to take off. 

But things didn’t go by plan! The water pump kept them entertained all night, the electrics were rather temperamental and there was a query of a leak from somewhere. So they were told to go out onto the Mosel for a trial run and “sink or swim”!

Great people like they are, they took it all in their stride. C’est la vie!

In the meantime, we enjoyed our time in Schweich. And while our friend, John, who will be joining us next week, toured Rome and Florence, we followed the Roman trail along the Mosel by bike. Nearby Longuich harbours in midst of wine hills the amazing  "Villa Urbana”. A little further on we bumped into a Roman lady by the river.

We finally got our oil change done and new gasket put in place, only to find out that all the Mosel and large Saar locks are closed next week for repairs. But not to worry, we got our next steps all worked out.

In true Kiwi/Aussie fashion, all the stress called for a barbecue, so Lucy and Max heated up their Webber, and the rest is “mystery", as we can’t quite remember when or how we got home last night.

Mosel life guards in training! Although, surfing looks a little more relaxed here than on the Northern Beaches of Sydney!

© Austin Robinson 2019