Yonne River - Joigny



With a tear in the eye we sailed the last few kilometres of the Canal de Bourgogne before entering the Yonne river. We were a little apprehensive about the challenges of navigating against currents and eddies and the big river locks.

No need to say that everything went smoothly and we arrived at the old town of Joigny in the late afternoon.

Time for a "Safe arrival drink" (or two) with Angus and Pam and snacking on warm Camembert, pickles and smoked salmon crackers.



After a beautiful warm shower at the harbour bathroom we went exploring the village. Joigny is my new favourite place of all we have seen so far this year! 


What an amazing array of tumble-down half-timber houses: the "Ave Maria House", "Tree of Jessé" house, the "Pilory" House with terra cotta decorations, the house where St. Vincent de Paul stayed while working as a tutor of the children of the local Count de Gondi and so much more!


As small as this village, situated between river and vineyards, is, it has three wonderful churches, the most impressive being St. Tibault, a gothic church with very colourful and detailed windows.

Having also heard of some fabulous restaurants and wine cellars in town I didn't really want to leave, but unfortunately the marina run by "Locaboat" was booked out for the night, and so after lunch we carried on to Villeneuve-sur-Yonne.

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