Fleurey sur Ouche - Off to find the wolf's cave


Yesterday we took our time to set off. The weather was again nothing to write home about, but we caught a lucky break: no rain from our 2pm start in Dijon to the finish at Fleurey-sur-Ouche!


We moored at the side of the canal and took our bikes to explore the village. The river Ouche runs along side the canal separated by a narrow strip of land. The surrounding area is quite hilly, and the village spreads from either side of the waterways uphill - for about 200 metres - and then it ends. So our bike trip wasn't very long or strenuous.


Today we decided to find the in our book described "wolf's cave". Rain and strong winds stopped us in the morning, but at the first sign of the weather easing, we set off. We looked at the information map - no mention of the cave. We asked other boaties, who had already inquired about it at the local pub - nobody seemed to have heard of it! We walked through the cobblestoned village and along the canal, asking locals and looking at every road and track sign - to no avail!

We gave up in the end and decided to find a bakery or grocer to buy bread for our lunch. The only baker in town opened for a couple of hours in the morning and then again after 4pm. By this time it was about 13.30.


I chased Austin all the way up a steep side lane, because I had seen a sign saying "écurie" ("Grocer", I thought). When we finally arrived on top of huge hill surrounded by nothing but fields and a lonely pony school, I realised my mistake: écurie means "stable", and épicerie is the grocer shop.


We consoled ourselves for the lack of bread by going to a little restaurant on the canal for dinner and we have just back. It is called :"Ô p'tit repère du goût" - meaning something like: a small landmark of taste.

Quelle surprise!!!! The decor inside the little cottage was very classy and modern, and the food!!! We ordered an entree "to share" of snails in garlic cream sauce. This is one of the Bourgogne's specialities. The snails were baked in a flaky pastry - and there was enough of the beautiful sauce - Manu Feidel would have been happy!

As Mains we had duck in raspberry sauce with a sweet potato gratin served in a little jam pot.

Desert was a pistachio mousse cake with fresh strawberries for Aussie and a fluffy light (but not on calories) lemon mousse for me. And that's not mentioning the little toasties with foie gras we were served as compliments from the chef before the meal.


People obviously come from far to dine here, because the restaurant filled up quickly and we were been lucky to get in without a reservation.

It was easy for us to spot another table of Aussies (from Cronulla), and we soon joined them for a little after-dinner-chat. 

They had just come off a hotel barge called aptly "Water and Wine".


© Austin Robinson 2019