Wasserbillig, Luxembourg


Heading back from the Saar to the Mosel, our next destination was the boarder town Wasserbillig in Luxembourg. How the town got its name which, directly translated means “water cheap”, I don’t quite know. All I know is that boaties and German car drivers pop into Luxembourg to fill up with cheap fuel, while Luxembourg citizens drive to Trier in Germany for less expensive shopping.


The harbour in Wasserbillig has 5 spaces for bigger boats and a few on the quay side of the pontoon for smaller sports boats. As we approached we saw that all the bigger spaces were taken, but luckily one of the skippers called out to us that he was about to leave. We were thrilled as we had chosen Wasserbillig for its convenient train station opposite the harbour to take us to Luxembourg city. As an extra bonus, the neighbouring town Grevenmacher was having their big wine fest this weekend.


After the friendly harbourmaster advised us not to ride our bikes to Grevenmacher because then ‘we could really enjoy the fest and get safely home again’, we joined the local crowd and hopped on a bus.


Arriving at the centre the roads were fenced off for traffic and hundreds of people were already enjoying music, "bratwurst mat frites”, waffles with cream and strawberries and, of course, wine.

The parade started at 3pm and we found a good spot to watch. I can’t quite remember every detail but here are some pictures:

P1010578 P1010582P1010591P1010561P1010581

Austin tried to spoil my reputation by sending me back again and again to take a photo while I got “his” glass refilled!!!

You could get a top-up as often as you wanted - all for free!

 It was a tough day! 

We loved the cheerful 50- something lady band with their shopping trolleys. They got everyone dancing in the streets.

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