3 days in Paris


Jane's plane arrived on time and after a late breakfast we were on a mission to keep her busy and awake until night-time.


Off we went to the Chateau of Versailles a 30 minute train trip away. The train was kind of "versailleish" itself.

The huge castle with its fantastic art works and beautiful chambers and halls, I think, did the trick, because Jane was unstoppable and had her camera running hot!

As a matter of fact Jane was still going until 12 o'clock at night when we returned from a walk to Nôtre Dame and idled through the Latin Quarter.

By the way, when walking past our former Hotel supposedly "jet lagged Jane" was the one noticing that the now "sexy night bar " was actually a gay night club.


Today was market day at the Bastille, and who was to stop Jane and me from having a good browse!? Apart from the cheeses, nuts and olives to try, there were macrons and all things sweet, including fresh crêpes being made with diverse fillings.

Jane was very restraint but I bought an oil jacket for the boat, shorts for little Jaxon and some lavender bunches from the provence.


Having exhausted our shopping fervour we took the Batobus, a hop-on/hop-off boat, and visited the Louvre (from outside only) walked along the Jardin des Tuleries to the Champs Elysées where huge seating stands were being erected for the Bastille Day festivities. Austin was patiently waiting, hooking up with a rather hollow fellow, while Jane and I checked out a few shops. We stopped for a luxury coffee at George V., and in Jane's case, also for a "luxury toilet" experience for 2 Euro being very disappointed that she had to wipe her own bottom for that price!

Having marched almost as far as the previous day we victoriously walked through the Arc de Triomphe before flying off via metro for our belated "safe arrival Jane" and "sore feet drinks" with Angus and Pam.


We also had made a commitment to be at a port side Independence Day BBQ, which Austin and Angus understood as being free to wear anything turning up in pyjama pants. At least Angus had one part of the stars and stripes. The fare for this occasion were medium rare Hamburgers à la Francais and tutti-frutti sangria made by the Venezuelan wife of the capitainière. We survived both!



Today our target was climbing the Eiffel Tower. By perfect weather we cruised along the Seine in the Batobus along the Musée d'Orsay, the Petit Palais and the Bourbon Palais. Getting off the boat there was the usual never-ending queue at the tower, but walking around, Austin found a short queue on the opposite side. So up we went, step after step, huffing and puffing, being rewarded with the great view over the city.

Crossing the city in the metro we arrived hungry and thirsty at the bottom of Montmartre and probably, unwisely, had a quick lunch and a shandy before climbing the hill to Sacré Cœur. A quiet row of tourists moved around the nave of the basilica while a mass was being held.


At the Place du Tertre where all kinds of drawings, watercolours and oil paintings are for sale, we enjoyed watching some very good portraitists at work. Just to observe the person being drawn is lovely which is quite different from the sleek, professional models we saw during fashion shoots next to the Seine, or the actors we observed being filmed on consecutive nights in our port. 


Tonight we watched a crew filming a scene right at the lock in front of us. Who knows, maybe our boat features in a French TV movie!


© Austin Robinson 2019