Abbey de la Bussiére - First day of summer



Today is the first day of summer and accordingly we had much nicer and warmer weather. As we were leaving Fleurey I noticed a few huge German shepherds - or were they wolves from the elusive cave????

We travelled on westwards on the canal being followed by two English men we already had met in Fleurey. Austin was having a good old chinwag with the captain, while poor old me and the other ship's lackey had to do all the hard work in the locks. 

The canal follows the winding Ouche river through the valley. Both sides of the water are bordered by cowslip, buttercups and flowering trees changing into beautiful mixed forest clad hills - a very picturesque and calming view.


We all stopped at Lock 34 where a Swiss couple runs a little restaurant and shop and had lunch sitting outside.


We parted ways with the English guys and Austin and I carried on for another 7 locks after lunch.

Approaching lock 29 we could see a crowd from afar. It was a wedding party. We congratulated and took some photos, and then the photographer asked, if he could also take some photos from our boat. Austin gave the bride one of our little cling-on koalas which we usually hand out to nice lock keepers. As we were leaving the photographer took a photo from us and the Freshwater. Who knows we might end up in the couples wedding album?!

At the next lock a little boy came running out of the lock keepers house and offered us a lolly out of his lollybag. We exchanged it against another little koala and he was happy and helped me pushing the gate lever.

Arriving at La Bussiére by lovely sunshine we moored the boat, changed into shorts and sunbaked with a book and a cold drink.

A group of motorbike riders on BMWs stopped on the other side of the canal for a picnic. They were a group of 6 couples round about our age. Sure enough they came over after seeing our flag saying "G'day" and identifying themselves as Aussies from Melbourne touring France and Spain on their bikes! We gave them a good send-off waving the Aussie flag. 

Afterwards we strolled back to the previous lock and up to the Abbey de la Bussiére which is now run as a hotel and is only accessible for guests. 

We finished a nice day with French bread, cheese, pickles and wine.

© Austin Robinson 2019