Revin mad!

The rain eased up during the night but the water level inside the harbour had risen another couple of centimetres. However, seeing a bundle of sunbeams breaking through the cloud cover made us want to move on. To get our boat as low in the water as possible, we filled the water tank to the brim, folded down the fly bridge windows and crossed our fingers: 

We just cleared the low bridge at the exit of the harbour! Phew!

And off we went further down the river Meuse, which in this part of the Ardennes winds itself in ever increasing loops through densely forested hills. 

Small villages, some more attractive than others, but once an important part of the areas metallurgical industry, nestle inside the river bends. 

Mid-afternoon we arrived at a place called Revin. The long pontoon was already packed with boats some moored alongside others. At first none of the “solo” boats offered us their flanks until finally we were waved over by a friendly couple from Germany. We tied up to their much smaller boat, and that night we tried very hard to keep our snoring down. Well, I did anyway!

The next morning we were able to go into a vacated space on the pontoon and it didn’t take long until we had a cheerful couple from Holland tied up to us. We enjoyed a much warmer, sunny day and also stocked up with drinks and groceries.

The pontoon in Revin is adjoined by well kept lawn, and colourful flowerpots. A security fence keeps any unwanted visitors out. All services are available and showers, toilets and laundry areas are very clean.

An Intermarché is 50 metres along at the riverbank. A Lidl is only 6 minutes walk away. 

Leaving Revin, we had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong: a malfunctioning lock, a disagreement about where to tie up, a wobbly entry into a lock under strong wind etc.  

Now, I love to push my little button to activate the automatic locks and I am already dreading to hand it in at the Belgian boarder,- but Austin pushed about everyone of my buttons today. He got me "raving mad" by daring to criticise my rope throwing and mooring techniques! I guess the passing rowing club learned a few new English words today!

But now we are sitting on deck soothed by the beautiful evening sun, which only sets here around 10.30pm, and all is water under the bridge!

© Austin Robinson 2019