Fleury-sur-Loire and our New Crew



After a last stroll over the Loire past the temporary beach scene, we set off with our new crew. Although we have already a boating history with Eva and Mario we had to re-train them handling the Freshwater and in the new canal life habits we have adopted.


They took to it like a fish to water! So we set off after a midday nap and just made it in time before lock closure through the last lock at Fleury-sur-Loire. Oh horror! No room at the moorings. But again we experienced the helpfulness of boaties when a group of French people turned their boat stern to quay giving us plenty of space to do the same.

The mooring is along a green picnic area with trees providing some shade at this time of the day. Electricity is 3 and water 2 euros per day. We didn't see the showers or use the restaurant which is right at the mooring with outdoor tables under a marquee.



No bread this morning. The boulanger in one of the 4 houses was all shut up. After a muesli, yoghurt and fruit breakfast we were ready to explore the area by bike. First we cycled along a small country road following the sign to Castle Rosemount. We found the overgrown ruins of a fortress being now used as exterior surrounds to a farmyard. A lovely group of white "Fromage Cows" greeted us. I should have guessed that a steep climb to the next village followed the short trip downhill . My calves were "calving" - well, it felt like labour pain! Luckily the way back to the canal went downhill before a rough ride along the tow path brought us back to Fleury.


Mario can't help himself but to "push Eva around"! Well these 13km were just a warm-up for Mario. Arriving at the boat, he soon re-mounted the bike and cycled another 23km back to Nevers to fetch his car. 


Before leaving Fleury, we met up again with Chris and Richard on their longboat "Dumorvan".

Of course Eva had to make up for the missing deckhand and work ropes and lock doors at the same time.

Thanks to our combined skills we arrived at the port of Decize a little before Mario.

© Austin Robinson 2019