Vandenesse-en-Auxois and Châteauneuf



View from Châteauneuf onto the canal and Vandenesse

Blown sidewards into the shallows of the canal, the bow-thruster failing, the Freshwater very nearly didn't make it into the next port of Vandenesse-en-Auxois. With the desperation of a drowning man Captain Nemo managed to turn around, then steering against the wind, scraping just barely into the last lock on the second attempt!


How deceiving the charming countryside of Châteauneuf and the warm sun can be! Even on our second day, climbing the hill to the famous castle, the cold north-west wind blew right through our unsuspecting Aussie-bodies.

However, the climb warmed us and the view from the top was well worth it.

The castle itself is charming and the surrounding village like a movie-scene from the middle ages.



Parts of the castle originate from the 12th century. Catherine de Châteauneuf put an end to the dynasty's ownership by being condemned to death for killing her husband. Phillipe the Good later presented the castle to his counsellor, Phillipe "Pot" (I wonder if this Phillipe handed out more than advise?).

To warm our bodies and hearts we enjoyed some Boef Bourgognion and washed it down with a little more uncooked vin de la région.



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