Cosne, Sancerre, Herry and Course of course



The mooring area by Cosne, Les Fouchards, is not particularly attractive. The out-standing features are a huge, grain mill and silos and a sunflower field on the opposite side. Having no water, electricity or near-by shops, there wasn't any crowding and we ended up being the only boat there. 

The town lays 2.5km away but it's an easy cycle over 3 bridges spanning the canal and 2 arms of the Loire.

So off we went to the big Sunday market occupying the whole main street. We shopped, tasted and watched the crowd from one of the cafes, then cycled back.


Soon after our friends, Gisela and Rod, arrived. It was great seeing both of them. They looked very well after their cruise on a slightly bigger" boat" on the Baltic Sea and visiting family in Germany. 

We didn't give our friends long to settle before we took off to a slightly more habitable port at St.Thibault, where a side arm of the canal provides a quiet port with all facilities. After a well deserved good arrival drink, a shower and some light dinner, Austin took us on another of his "short cut walks", guided by his trusted iPhone GPS. The way led us over a beautifully soft-turfed golf course, inciting Gisela and me to a barefoot jog/hop/dance cooling our feet on the dew. Scrambling up an embankment we finally found back to the canal and arrived at the port well after dark.



Another 33 degree day! Just the right weather to visit the old town of Sancerre.

We followed the red tourist line on the ground leading us through shady, old lanes and to beautiful view points. Rod tried to be the perfect tourist and heel-toed it over most of the red line taking us to historical sights. However, their significance was greatly lost on us in the heat. But we bravely climbed the 195 steps of  "La tour des Fiefs"! This is the only remaining tower of the former medieval castle and now provides an all-round view over the vineyards and countryside.

On the Nouvelle Place we enjoyed a Monaco, now also Gisela's favourite new drink, and some traditional food coming as usual, in 3 courses. Unfortunately it was far too hot to partake in any tasting of the local wines. But there is still tomorrow!



Today we sailed further south down the canal latéral. We found a lovely shady spot on the side of the canal to have our lunch and arrived in Herry mid afternoon. 

Exploring the 1 street town took all of 10 minutes and we realised that we had to take care of our own entertainment.

The Pouilly Fumé, a local wine grown on the opposite riverside of Sancerre, did help with this and we had quite a few laughs.


A cool day today with some refreshing rain got us to start early towards our next destination. We stopped for lunch at Beffes, where a brand new quay with pontoons, electricity and water has been installed. The scenery became increasingly nicer with sunflower fields, beautiful trees and old farmhouses gracing the banks.


A violent rain shower surprised us in front of the last 2 locks inhibiting our 2 captains view enough to stop our progress. 

But the storm blew over quickly and shortly afterwards we reached Cours Les Barres. The mooring here is pretty with greenery, a man-made little waterfall and picnic tables. It also has electricity, water and a shower (not to forget one of those  "squatting toilets" which don't do anything for me, although recommended for good bowel habits). 

I braved the shower which was cold and lasts about 20 seconds per push of the tap. 

Rod and Gisela invited us for a very nice dinner at the Auberge du Canal. I enjoyed a huge prawn cocktail in half a pineapple followed by a beautiful fish dish. Way too much food once again, but I am relying on the "French women don't get fat" theory. 


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