A few more Alsatian impressions


Firstly we love all the flowers adorning windows, bridges, fountains, lampposts etc.

Yes, you pay 2€ a day for parking to visit the medieval villages, but the money goes all towards flowers and maintenance.

Money well spent I think.

Next are the cobblestone streets - not so comfortable when on a bike, as some body parts tend to wobble more than they used to, but they are just romantic and pothole proof.


One needs to look up to the church towers and steep rooftops when in Alsace. Many of them are homes to families of storks. Of course if looking up is too strenuous then there is the stuffed variety of storks in all sizes for sale in the many souvenir shops.

To be honest, after marvelling over a number of the big birds in their nests, you feel a bit “storked”, as they stand perfectly still and watch you from above!


Ok, there are big birds, big Nutella jars for crêpes and big pork knuckles, but there is also beautiful art. We found an exhibition of aquarelles in one old church and met the radiant french artist. We liked her and her paintings instantly. We also found this ornately painted ceiling in a small chapel in Eguisheim.


Eguisheim is built within 2 elliptical walls. The outer one gave protection to the wealthy tithe courtyards. Agricultural outhouses are building the second circle.

By the way, the wines in this area are excellent from Edelzwicker and Sylvaner to Pinot gris and noir - there is no bad one! SANTÉ

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