Allez les Bleus!!! - Good bye Toul!

One last thing to do in Toul: Watch the soccer semi final between France and Germany. 

Reg from “La Dolce Vita” came along as support for the German team. Austin, Reg and I were the only ones not in blue! The French team was on a mission and won 2:0. When the celebrations erupted on the central town square one might have been fooled to think that the “Bleus” had already won the Grand Final!

We didn’t begrudge their euphoria, although now we felt a little “blue”!

Having a pizza with Reg before the soccer match

Ready and waiting for kick off!

Kim, Stephen and Dash in front of the “Friesland” at Port de France

Saying good bye to Toul

and to our favourite baguettes and boulanger!

Had a surprise breakfast delivery of croissants from Reg on the  morning we left. 

We won’t be back this winter or next spring as we will leave the “Freshwater" in Holland.

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