Montargis - Vive le shopping!

10/7/2013 - 12/7/2013


Montargis lays at the beginning of the Canal de Briare in the Loing Valley. It is also called "The little Venice of Gatinais". Small canals crossed by twenty odd bridges transverse the city of the ancient county, Gatinais. One of the bridges, a foot bridge spanning the Canal de Briare, was built by the Eiffel company and dedicated to Victor Hugo.

After the welcoming flower hung bridges and the helpfulness of lock keeper and harbour master, we decided to stay here until Bastille Day.

To our surprise the city' lanes and streets has beautiful shops of all kinds and, to Austin's despair, lots of clothes shops all having summer sales! Therefore Austin found himself on several occasions walking along solo while Jane and I disappeared in diverse shop entrances.


We definitely couldn't go past "Mazet",the historic Véritable Prasline House founded by Louis XIII, and just had to sample some of the chocolates and peanut brittles. 


Visiting the stunning L'Église Saint Madeleine was the only cultural endeavour of the first day, as most of the day was taken up with domestic duties and getting our hair coiffed.

Day two took us along the "bridge walk " past the old tannery quarters and up to the chateau. Having risen late once again we arrived there around 12 noon meeting the castle's guardians on their way to lunch! Damn! We had to have a crêpe or two ourselves!

Returning to the 12th century castle we were welcomed by a 17 year old student with excellent English and a charm reminding me of our nephew, Nathan. He guided us around the remains of the castle walls, the crypt, chapel and huge underground cellars where in the hundred year war food for the soldiers was kept - 11 degrees cool all year round.


As it was our last night with Jane we went out to a farewell dinner. Jane and I chose the days special, a veal dish. Unfortunately we missed the" foie" among the dishes long title, liver being one of the few things Jane doesn't eat. Luckily Austin had ordered a beautiful fish and so the evening was saved by a quick swap. No mistake with the desserts!

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